Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Few Questions for Sinn Fein?

According to today's Newspapers, the British Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness visited Ardoyne on July 11th. Where he met with residents, community workers and youth leaders?

GARC have asked various Youth Workers, Community Workers and residents were they present? Many replied that they were totally unaware of his visit until they read it in the Media today - 14/7/11.

So, who exactly did meet Mr. McGuinness? This needs to be clarified as he stated that he was given the local community's views and opinions? GARC challenge him to name the residents, organisations/groups and Youth Leaders he met?

On another related issue, Gerry Kelly MLA asserts that he nor S/F had NO prior knowledge or influence of the RUC/PSNI operation to hem in and seal off Ardoyne from the Crumlin Road and Mountainview areas.....

A number of Mountainview residents have informed GARC that they witnessed Mr. Kelly being informed by fellow S/F members that the GARC march had just commenced on the Berwick Road @ 7pm. He was also informed about the sequence of GARC's substantial march by two so-called 'Independant Observers' who shadowed GARC's parade for Civil Rights. These two Observers; were prominent S/F members. Gerry then immediately walked across the top of Estorial Park and spoke at length to a senior PSNI woman. The same woman was then heard to issue an order over the radio to her riot-clad members to immediately seal off Estorial and Brompton Parks quickly followed by two water cannons and a number of RUC Land Rovers! As well as, the Ardoyne Road shop roofs....

Within three minutes of arriving in Estorial Pk, the rebranded RUC attacked local people who had been waiting for the arrival of the GARC march. They beat them into Balhome Drive and proceeded to fire around a dozen Plastic Bullets and also deployed the Water Cannon on unsuspecting residents. These facts have been confirmed by the Parish Priest, Fr. Gary, Alban McGuinnes MLA and by the countless Journalists at the scene.

Gerry who is being dishonest about these issues?

GARC also ask both MLAs', is it not the democratic right of a person, persons, groups and political parties to politically agree or disagree with S/F or whoever else they so wish?

Finally, on a seperate note....How can GARC respect fully the rights of others when our National Flag is burned ON a majority of Council-Funded Loyalist Bonfires year in and year out? Maybe this would explain why there is a violent reaction on top of unwelcome Parades?

GARC agree a large group of Criminals engaged the RUC/PSNI in Conflict in Ardoyne on the Twelfth, however NOT ALL are of the same ilk. As there were genuine young people present also. GARC are on public record asking those who were intent on causing trouble to stay away from GARC's march, that they were NOT welcome!

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